Visa File Number. Types of Canadian Visa Applications

An immigration file number, sometimes also called the application number, is assigned to each application an applicant files with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s (IRCC). Every application, even when filed by the same applicant, will have a different file number and will be categorized by the type of immigration application filed.

You can find your immigration file number on the IRCC document or letter.

Below you can see examples of the file numbers and the corresponding visa types.

Temporary visas and permits:

V123456789  – temporary resident (guest) visa application
S123456789  – study permit
W123456789 – work permit

Some types of applications for permanent residence: 

E123456789 – Federal Skilled Worker program
B123456789 – Federal Skilled Worker program (older applications)
F123456789  – Family class (sponsorship)
EP123456789 – Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

When applying for your file from GCMS System of IRCC, you must use the appropriate file number.