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The service provided by our company will help you to receive your CAIPS / GCMS files and check the status of your immigration application to Canada or the status of your application for a work or study permit in Canada.

What are GCMS / CAIPS files?

GCMS is an acronym for “Global Case Management System”, which is a computer system used by IRCC to process all immigration and visa applications.

GCMS was introduced in June 2010. Prior to this time, from 1991 to 2010, immigration cases were processed in a system called CAIPS (Computer-Assisted Immigration Processing System). Thus, CAIPS and GCMS are essentially identical.

Why are CAIPS / GCMS files interesting?

These files contain unique information about the processing of your immigration, visa or other application in the system of Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

CAIPS / GCMS files in the most common cases include various information related to the processing of the case (symbols of dates, process steps, etc.), as well as notes by Immigration Officers that they make during the work on the case.

Notes of Immigration Officers are of great importance, for example, if you were refused a visa to Canada and you intend to apply for a visa again. In this case in order to get aproval of your new visa application you need to correct those point of your previos visa application regarding which Visa Officer have had doubts and concerns and which respectively served as the reason for the denial of a visa for you.

How do you get your CAIPS / GCMS files?

Our service assumes the function of obtaining CAIPS / GCMS files for any applicant.

Processing time of request GCMS / CAIPS files usually takes 30 calendar days.

Getting your file is cheap and easy – you just need our help!

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Retrieve a duplicate copy of your Entire File

In certain cases you may need to obtain copies of all documents that you have submitted in support of your immigration, student, visitor or work visa application to Canada.

In such cases, we can get the entire file that was submitted by you when applying for a visa. This file will include each individual document associated with your Canadian visa application. As a result, you will receive copies of all documents submitted in support of your visa application.

You will also receive a copy of the CAIPS / GCMS notes and FOSS notes on your immigration application, if applicable.

It takes at least 30 days to complete the request.

Request of an Entire File does not affect the processing of your visa application and the decision that you will receive as a result.

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